Church History

The town in which Holy Family is located was built as one of the first planned communities in the country and was intended to meet the housing shortage for GI’s returning from World War II. Its original design provided ample space for parks, schools, churches and synagogues, and shopping. It has been awarded numerous livability awards, including two All-America City Awards, two Governors Home Town Awards, and most recently, the Burnham award for excellence in Planning for the redevelopment of its downtown. It was intentionally and peacefully desegregated in the late six[es by a coalition of community and religious leaders and has remained a stable, integrated community since. Many of its original settlers spent their lives here, though their numbers are now diminishing.

The first Vicar of Holy Family was installed in 1950. The first service was conducted on July 30, 1950. In 1952, the first building, now the parish hall, was completed. It was used as the church until the church could be built. In November, 1954, the second Vicar, Rev. Robert Ruffie, was installed. The following year, an addition to the original building, which is now the office wing, was built. In November 1957, ground was broken for the new church, which was first used for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, 1958.